Reductive Relief Printing Workshop / Manchester / Summer Session B

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Level: Special Topic
Prerequisite: None
Manchester Campus / PRT017SA
Instructor: Elizabeth Cameron
July 20 & 21
Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm

Join us for this amazing 2 day reduction cut workshop. Learn the process of reduction printing where the whole image is created using a single piece of linoleum, cutting more away with each layer of color. The course covers design, cutting techniques and how to print by hand. Materials will also be discussed: papers, inks and tool maintenance.

You will learn:

  1. How to design for this technique, looking at examples of other artists' work.

  2. How to transfer an image to the lino.

  3. Cutting techniques.

  4. Registration methods.

  5. Types of ink and paper to use.

  6. How to mix colour.

  7. Inking and printing methods, with and without a press.

You will take home a series of multi-colour prints.