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Spring Wood firing Intensive Workshop / 1 Shelf Rental

Regular price $249.00

$249 per 1 shelf rental
Special Topic Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Wheelworking or Handbuilding
Sharon Campus / CER085SA
Instructor: TBD

April 6, 7, 8 (loading) days
April 12, 13, 14 (firing)
Unloading TBD

Shelf Rental

  • Cost for shelf rental is $249 per shelf 

  • One shelf of space for your work: each shelf is 1ft x 2ft, totaling 2sq ft of space for your work (again, we do not specify height or calculate cubic feet)
  • There is no required participation in the loading of firing; you need only drop off your work prior to Friday, April 6 and pick up your work on or after the unloading (TBD). If you would like to be a part of the loading and/or firing, let us know to what extent you are available so we can add you to the communication list when it is time to schedule shifts. 
Some things to note about the firing... 

Please note:

  • The firing is a combination of Community Education workshop participants and undergraduate Ceramic students from our BFA program. 

  • In the loading of the kiln, we do our very best to fit as much of the work as possible. That said, the loading of the kiln is mostly dictated by how well the work fits according to shape and size.
  • As we do not consider cubic footage, you are welcome to bring tall work, as it helps the overall load (9” and 13” are especially helpful).
Join us for the spring firing of the NHIA “Fushigigama”, an anagama-style wood kiln on our Sharon Arts Campus.  For more specific information, please contact our team or (603) 836-2564.


Photo by Meagan Snavely