CLOSED / Exploring Solarplate Prints Workshop / Manchester / Summer Session B

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Level: Special Topic
Prerequisite: None
Manchester Campus / PRT003MA
Instructor: Elizabeth Cameron
Monday, Tuesday 
July 1 & 2,  12 - 4pm

Learn about Solarplates in our printshop! Solarplates were developed as a nontoxic alternative to traditional etching processes. It is a simple, safer and faster approach than traditional etching and relief printing. This process does not use grounds, acids or solvents. The plates are exposed to UV light and developed with ordinary tap water.

Participants will develop a composition from original drawings or photographs and transfer it to a Solarplate. They will then print the plates with water-based Intaglio inks. Students should bring sketches or photographs and printmaking paper. The studio will supply a Solarplate and inks.